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“Second Thoughts of the Sexless Fiancee” — Rough Sketch


Isabella Louise Anderson


Rough Sketch

Flap Copy:

Lucy Harper is very sexually deprived.  Second Thoughts of the Sexless Fiancée is a story about an engaged woman who must make a choice about which is more important to her, love or sex.    Her fiancé, Jackson Montgomery, has excuse after excuse as to why they don’t make love anymore, which is beginning to frustrate Lucy.  (Even her parents are having more sex than her).  When Lucy meets the wedding coordinator’s assistant/son, she is shocked at who it is – a man who has only walked past her, who sends chills up her spine, arousing her imagination.  Nathan Drake makes her need for sex even stronger.  Over time, their attraction grows, but since she is engaged, and no actions are taken…until Jackson admits that he’s gay, and is in love with his business partner, Bradley.  After Lucy cancels her wedding, she runs into Nathan, and they begin a steamy affair, though the newness wears off, and Lucy’s desires aren’t being met, like she hoped.  Nathan begins to help Lucy really find out who the real Lucy is, but in order to spend a lifetime with Nathan, will she get the help she needs, or choose to confront the childhood demons that she has suppressed?


Lucy Harper: Lucy Harper is a woman, who works as a personal assistant, for her mother, doing the day-to-day things, which might include going grocery shopping, running errands, scheduling and cancelling appointments and gift wrapping, only to name a few.  On most days, during the most mundane daily tasks, Lucy’s mind is on the sex that she isn’t getting.

Jackson Montgomery: Jackson Montgomery is Vice President of a real estate business in Dallas.  He’s under a lot of pressure, but is trying to hide it so that he doesn’t stress Lucy out before their wedding.  He loves Lucy, but isn’t as horny as she is.  He truly feels bad for not pleasing her, but, wishes she would get off his back about it, so that the guilt of the secret he’s hiding doesn’t make him feel even more guilty than he already does.

Nathan Drake: Nathan Drake is the assistant, and son of the wedding coordinator, Marcy Drake.  He’s a single guy, who is known as a “party guy” and “a player,” but when he finds the right woman (Lucy), he vows to change drastically to win her heart.  He does have his good points too, he’s honest to everyone, loveable, and hungry…especially for Lucy!

Bradley Simms: Jackson’s love interest, who is also his work partner.

Deidra Montgomery: Deidra Montgomery is Jackson’s mother.

Catherine Harper: Catherine Harper is Lucy’s mother.  She was a stay-at-home mom to her only daughter, and loved every minute of it.  She is a very respectable woman, and never has anything bad to say about anyone.  Catherine thrives on making her family her number one priority.  These days, her marriage (to Martin) is better it’s ever has been, and so is her sex life –she’s even been known to experiment with things that she was ashamed to think about, back in the day.

Martin Harper: Martin Harper is Lucy’s father.

World: Not everybody gets what they want in this sexless cruel world.  Lucy grew up as the baby of the family, so she is used to getting whatever she wants, but she’s with Jackson, who rarely gives her exactly what she wants – sex.  Is the grass really greener when you’re on someone else’s lawn?

POV: This story is from the heroine’s first person POV.

Music: With or Without You by U2.  The song title and some of the lyrics relate to how the Heroine feels about sex with Jackson – she can do it with or without (him).

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