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Distractions When Writing! (Oh, I did something stupid tonight!)

For about the past week or so, I haven’t really focused on Second Thoughts of the Sexless Fiancée as I want to, and I think I know why — it’s all because of being distracted way too easily!  Yes, it might be the excitement of the renovation process (YEA), annoying E-mail alerts that are invading my inbox, Thorndike crying (yes, I mean crying), the phone ringing, I’m either too hot or too cold, and worse of all, I have a brain fart and have no idea what my characters want to say or do.  These are only a few reasons why I can’t get motivated to write and I don’t even know where to start!  I have read, taken, and have tried my best at trying to stay focused, but nothing has worked, but I’m hoping to change that, and so far, since March, I have — thanks to the classes at GWW. (That reminds me of the stupid thing I did tonight, but I’ll get to that later).

Anyway, in search of really good advice, I decided to Google “distractions when writing.”  On the 9th (sad, I know) result, I finally found a very well written article.  I didn’t feel like the writer was like, “sit there until you come up with something to write” “train yourself to focus,” “don’t take breaks – they’re bad…,” and the list goes on.  Along with what he writer said to not do, he gave examples, which seem to make sense.  Here is the article:  All 10 of these tactics, seems pretty reasonable, so I’m eager to get started!

So…I’m sure you’re wondering what stupid thing I did was, aren’t you?  Well, last night, I signed up for Fiction Advanced.  That begins on September 8th, and ends on November 17th.  I was cool with just that, because of all that is going on right now (a few very exciting things), I thought that would be enough…but then tonight, I was in the Lounge with some great and inspiring ladies, and one amazing instructor, and I found out that there is a Romance Advanced class, and…yep, I signed up.  That class begins on October 6th, and ends on December 15th.  Oh, yay, for overlapping!  After I took a breath and calmed down, only after realizing what I had done, I feel like I’m more energized in my writing than I have been, though really it never stopped, but merely came to a slow speed.  In all honesty with myself, I truly believe that if I continue on with thee GWW classes, I will maybe have a completed manuscript, and then comes the fun part — writing a query letter!

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