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I Write Chick-Lit Because…

Before I explain why I want to be a Chick-Lit writer, let me give you the definition.  According to, Chick-Lit is “a genre of fiction concentrating on young working women and their emotional lives.

I’ve read several genres of books — mystery, biographies, non-fiction, YA, romance, and of course, the sub-genre of romance, Chick-Lit.  I don’t really remember my first “woman’s fiction” as they sometimes call it, but the earliest I do remember is reading “Bad Boys,” by the late Olivia Goldsmith.  Right away, I could relate to the Heroine, on more levels than one.  It was an easy read, fun, and I was sad when the book ended.  (Just maybe, like her book “The First Wives’ Club,” it will be turned into a movie).  After I read “Bad Boys,” I was on a hunt to find other similar books.  At the time though, Chick-Lit was only slowly emerging, so it was difficult to find good authors, but when I finally did, I found two — Emily Giffin and Jennifer Weiner.  I have come to love these two amazing writers, and find myself lost in their stories.  I think that their styles are very much alike, though very distinct in their own ways: Emily Giffin’s stories are the books with the happy ending…and everything ends how you want it to.  With Jennifer Weiner’s stories, there is still the happy ending, but I feel that at the end, her books send some sort of message.

Now, onto why I write Chick-Lit…Have you ever just wanted to write you “biography” or re-write your early/mid adult life, but not want anyone to know that it’s your story?  As a woman in my late twenties, I’m writing a story, Second Thoughts of the Sexless Fiancée. In some parts, certain instances and feelings are written. Another reason I’m writing Chick-Lit is because I’m writing what I know…life in my twenties/thirties.

I would love to entertain readers of all ages, and have them enjoy my stories.

My goal is to write a bestseller Chick-Lit and have it be turned into a movie…wish me luck!

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