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Writing the Right Way

Grammar.  Is it really that hard to write grammatically correct?  The answer should be no, but for some people, the answer is yes.  When one is reading something and it isn’t written smoothly, it might be hard for the reader to understand what the writer is trying to relay, (a period, comma, or an apostrophe in the wrong place can change the meaning of what is meant to be said.  Misspelled words can be a problem too, (ex. Right vs. Write and To, Too, Two).

Now, I know that I’m not 100% perfect when it comes to my grammar, but I at least try to make my writing seem smooth, and easy for the reader.

Often times, when I read someone’s work, and they haven’t put the time and effort into their grammar, it really irritates me.  Sometimes, it make me wonder if they even care about their work.  Yes, writing is hard work (coming up with a story, creating characters, inserting conflict…), but isn’t using grammar part of the writing process too?

A great website that explains grammar perfectly, is  I love two of their posters, and

My advice, if you want to be a writer and want to have something published, be sure that your grammar is great, and learn it if you don’t know it already.  Oh, and this is key — many publishers will automatically put your work in the “slush” pile if you do not write correctly.

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