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Are Celeberties Really Writers Too?

It seems that these days, each time you turn around, a “celebrity” has written a book, or has claimed to write one.  This really bothers me, and here’s why:  For the non-celeb people, it makes us feel and think that they used their celebrity to claim another title, Writer, to their long list of who they are.  I think celebs have taken advantage of the publishing companies, in order to make even more money, and of course, when their place in the Entertainment Business isn’t going as well as they like, they decide to branch out in the world of writing.

Yesterday, I was and Barnes & Noble, strolling through the Fiction section, and I came across a book called “Priceless.”  The title caught my attention, then I looked at who the author was, and did a double take.  Nicole Richie?  Really?  Apparently, so:  This led me to wonder, do celebrities really write their own books, or do they have someone do it for the (like a ghost writer)?  I do know that there are different cases, with different writers, and here are two that I know about:

Tori Spelling:  I must admit, I did grow up watching Tori Spelling in “90210,” and have come to love her reality shows.  I have learned a lot about her, and was most surprised that on her show, she revealed that she wrote her own books.  Together, she has written 3 books about herself, and most recently, a children’s book.

1: sTORI Telling:

2: Mommywood:

3: uncharted terriTORI:

4: Presenting Tallulah:

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett: From dental assistant to one of Playboy’s most beautiful women, to wife and mother, and reality show start, Kendra has done it all.  She isn’t afraid to do anything, especially let the world know that she definitely isn’t a writer.  Kendra’s book was written by a ghost writer.  On a personal note, I respect the way she went about her writing — admitting that she didn’t do it.

1: Sliding into Home:

As for biographies and auto-biographies, I know they are very different from Fiction, but where does the line stop when a title is given?  For example, if I were an actress, and I wrote my own biography, could I call myself a writer, too?  I could, but is that really who I am?  If so, doesn’t that make us all writers?

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