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Your Worst Enemy

As I think of what to write today, I’m staring at my worst enemy — the blinking cursor.  It’s like an enemy that’s standing right in front of you, staring you down.  The flashing…over and over, tempts you, and makes your mind wonder if you have what it takes to write, which makes the cursor stop.  It can also makesyou feel defeated (especially, if you’re suffering from writer’s block).

Though you might sit there all day, playing a staring game with the cursor, know that it’s okay if you do this.  Every writer does this, even several times throughout a book.  Feel proud of yourself, and know that the following day or night, will be better.

How do we make the cursor stop?  Write.  Start writing until your heart’s content and you until enter in that last period.

My advice, don’t stress.  Just write, write, and write…and know that you can beat that cursor…

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