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The More You Read, The More You Write?

For many people, including me, the more I read, the more I want to write.

When one does this, the reader and wanna’ be writer, is gathering information, doing research, creating characters, and developing a story line.  Yes, for a writer, reading is doing research.  If you’re a beginning writer, you might be focusing on the characters, their conflict (which you have to have in each story) and the grammar.

No matter what genre you enjoy reading, I’m sure that a little bit of that can go into your story.  For example, I do enjoy a good mystery (though haven’t been able to fine any in a long time, and have only read one), and my genre is Chick Lit, a sub-genre in Romance, when I finish the book, I’m encouraged to write.  It can be anything from a children’s book to a novel…and by finishing them, the fact that I have read someone’s book, I envy them.

By reading a book, no matter what genre it is, I am inspired!  So, here’s to all the published people out there, thank you!

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