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Writing For Another Genre? Possibly!

Are you a Chick-Lit writer, but seem that you’re watching A LOT of crime or law shows lately, and maybe you’re considering to attempt to write a mystery or political novel?  I am one of them, so join the crowd.

Watching shows like The Good wife, Undercovers, CSI, or Outlaw, the mystery and political issues have taken over my mind, and I’m really wondering how to write within these two popular genres.  I have thought, for over two years now, about how to do this, and to this day, I have no idea.  Do you?  Knowing the lingo might help, but it can also help by being friends with a wife of a politician, a crime scene investigator, and a lawyer, which is something I’m not — though I really wish I were.

So, how do you know you write in one genre, and want to begin writing in another?  (Pray for a miracle!)  I’m only kidding!  You do research.  Go to your local bookstore or library, and read, read, read!  Read up on local events, read up on law books, and read up on crime investigations.  Learning is the best way to do this.

I admit, though I want to at least try and write out of the genre I am familiar with, I haven’t tried any of this, but want to.  I think that ‘m too afraid to venture out in the world, and try something new, but I want to, and right now, that want is good enough for me, at least for now…

Who knows…in five years, I might have another pseudonym…

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