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Writing While On Vacation

So, right now I’m on a mini-vacation and am loving it! This brought me to wonder something. Is your writing different than whine you’re in your “normal” environment? Mine certainly is…and here’s why.

1: It’s a different state of mind – While on vacation, one is relaxed. Your mind is full of peace and quiet, which allows you to write without stress. Your day-to-day disturbances aren’t going to bother you. You’re not going to be tempted to go do the laundry, make dinner, or rearrange the furniture, and your annoying pet will not be bothering you. In this state of mind, you are in a euphoria, which means that ideas are most likely, ideas are filling your mind.

2: Place – Depending on the place you are vacationing, your day is yours. You have the ability to write however, and whenever you want. You’re observing people, taking in ideas for your characters. (I’m at the beach right now, and I’ve brought a beach scene into my story, but when I’m in thre country, I’ve brought in a lot of those story lines as well).

3: Time – To me, this is a very important part of writing during a vacation. Your time is something you can be in charge of. You have the right to do what you want. Whether you write in you pajamas, staying in your hotel room each day, you have the ability to pick and choose when and how long you want to write, so use your time wisely.

4: Don’t Stress – Stressing is something you must not do while on vacation. If you don’t have anything to write, don’t worry, it will come to you. Take hour vacation, and allow yourself to do research, gathering thoughts, piecing together your story, and believe in yourself, knowing that you can do this!

5: Have Fun – While you’re in vacation, give yoursealf to have a good time, after all, you’re on vacation. If you are on a vacation where your cannot write, make quick notes that will remind yourself of what you want to write.

In the end, the combination of writing and vacationing together can be fun, so go…go have a fun writing vacation.

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