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Rought Sketch **UPDATED**





Chauncey Anderson


Edited Rough Sketch, as of November 23, 2010




Lucy Harper is in a sex starved relationship with her fiancé, Jackson Montgomery, but one day, a stranger walks by her, taking her breath away, and that’s when her need for sex becomes even stronger.  When Jackson confesses that he’s gay, their wedding is immediately cancelled, and soon, she begins a relationship with Nathan Drake, (her ex-wedding coordinator’s son) and the breathtaking stranger.  With her life finally looking up, quits her job as an assistant for her mother, and tries to become a romance/erotica writer, thanks to the encouragement and help writing scenes with Nathan, not to forget to mention, the sex…oh, the sex is damn good, but when Jackson tells Lucy of Nathan’s kiss with another woman, it might be only the beginning of another relationship gone wrong.  Finally, the truth comes out that Nathan’s mother, Deidra, is setting it all up, because she’s not a big fan of Lucy being in her son’s life.  Will they be able to get passed this, or is Nathan being set up by his mother too much for Lucy to handle?




Lucy Harper:  She’s been in love with Jackson Montgomery since college, and she was looking forward to spending the rest of her life with him, but since he’s told her that he’s gay and has moved on, Lucy’s done the same thing.  When she begins dating Nathan, her world changes for the better, and he helps her become the woman she’s always wanted to be, and teaches her to stand up for what she wants, and she’s proud of the woman she is when she’s with him – she feels beautiful.  It’s only when Jackson tells Lucy of Nathan’s whereabouts one night, does her life with Nathan change, possibly forever.


Jackson Montgomery:  Is a gay man who truly loves his best friend, Lucy.  He feels so bad that he can’t please her sexually, but when he admits that he’s gay and is in a committed relationship with Bradley, he feels completed.  He’s a very busy businessman (a real estate developer), and doesn’t like dealing with Nathan Drake, nor does he like that he’s seeing Lucy, though truly wishes her all the best.


Nathan Drake:  He’s been his mom’s pride and joy all his life.  He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he’s never flaunted it.  He might be his mother’s bitch, but he is a thriving business owner of one of the new and most highly noted real-estate companies.  It’s known around town, that Nathan’s a major playboy, but once he sets his sights on Lucy, everything changes.  He tries to be a one woman man, and he’s tired of being set up with women by his mother, only because she thinks he’s lonely.  Nathan is determined to make sure that everyone, including his mother, knows that Lucy is the only woman that he wants, though things might be a little tricky, only because his mother is always one step in front of him.


Bradley Simms:  In the beginning, he plays the part of a friend of the couple, Lucy and Jackson, and as Jackson’s business partner, though we later find out, that he’s been beginning a romantic relationship with Jackson.  His heart belongs to Jackson’s.  He does feel sorry that Lucy and Jackson’s relationship didn’t work, but he wants Lucy to know he’s always been there for her, and always will be, because she was a great friend, even though, she did try and set him up with some of her female friends, more than once.


Deidra Montgomery:  She’s a very well-known wedding planner in Texas, and her business is thriving.  She gets what she wants, and is happy doing what she has to do to get it.  Her son, Nathan, is the one thing that is her constant, and is helping her out, but only part-time, until his real-estate business is up and running.  She thinks that he needs to settle down with a nice woman, Nikki Shelton, for example, his ex-love, one that she thought was “perfect” for him.  Deidra will pretty much do everything she can do to make sure that her son ends up with Nikki, a well-rounded woman, who is a college graduate and was in a sorority.  When her son finally stands up to her, she is stunned that he would ever consider spending his life with a woman like Lucy, only because she isn’t a college graduate.

Catherine Harper: Catherine Harper is Lucy’s mother.  She is a very respectable woman, and never has anything bad to say about anyone, except for Lucy, her only child, when her words are most critical.  These days, her marriage (to Martin) is better it’s ever has been, and so is her sex life – she’s even been known to experiment with toys that she was ashamed to think about, back in the day.  Now that she’s calmer, she’s trying to be the mother she never was to Lucy, and show her daughter that she loves her very much.


Martin Harper: Martin Harper is Lucy’s father.

Rachel Douglas: Rachel Douglas is Lucy’s best female friend, and confidant.

Nikki Shelton:  A college graduate and was in the sorority, Sigma Chi, at one of the most astute colleges in the south.  She works at a very well-known marketing firm.  At a size six, she doesn’t think that she’s perfect in any way, but loves the attention she gets from Deidra, and as nice as Nathan is, she is only going on dates with Deidra’s son to get business from her – after all, the wedding planning business is on a rise.


WORLD: Things aren’t always right in this world, but life has a way of working out…

POV: This story is from the heroine’s first person POV.

MUSIC: With or Without You by U2.  The song title and some of the lyrics relate to how the Heroine feels about sex – she will do it, with or without a man. Also, the song, Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, because overtime, she begins to be more confidant in herself, and by the end, she’s believing in herself.



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