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New Year! New Writing Goals?

Last month, I was a little panicked!  2011 was coming SOON, and I had a deadline.  (Thank you, honey, for coming up with a great idea about a date change).  With a month full of obligations and celebrations — my dad’s birthday, my 1st wedding anniversary, family gatherings and Christmas, I honestly asked myself how this was going to get done.  With three days, of consistent writing, staring at the computer, deleting the word count option from Word, which allowed me to focus more on the story, and with a lot of inspiration from my husband,  I DID!  I started what will hopefully (cross your fingers), be my first book in March, and before midnight, on December 31st, 2010, I had written 50,120 words.


After finishing over fifty thousand words, I took a step back to think about what I AM going to accomplish this year.

1: Finish my book by March 18th, my 30th birthday!

2: Take better notes about my story, and maybe even begin to outline.

3: Finish the classes that are needed, and get my Gotham Writers’ Workshop Fiction Certificate!  (I have two more to take).

4: Begin looking for a possible agent by July 1st!

5: Start book number two!

6: Write more when I take vacations.

7: Try and write something, even just a page, every single day.

8: Remember to always click SAVE on the PC, and not to touch the “trashcan” on the iPad, AND to sync correctly!

9: Don’t stress!  Know that the story will come to how it’s supposed to be told.

10: On New Year’s Eve of this year, I will sit back and smile, knowing I’ve done my best!


Overall, I learned a lot in 2010, thanks to GWW and the friends that have helped me become a better writer.  (Y’all are all awesome, and I thank you).

What are your writing goals for 2011?

Happy Writing!

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