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Pleasure Reading…For Research?

Last night, I began, for the second time, “Something Borrowed” by Emily Giffin.  Since I’m a passed half-way writing my Chick Lit, I’m at the stage of curiosity, and am wanting to study how published author’s write in this genre, and if I’m following all the “rules.”    In the passed, I might have got a little carried away with the story, and forgot to write at the same time, though this time, I am going about it differently — writing by day, and reading by night, and am loving it!

You’re probably wondering how it is that I read for research, right?  Well, the answer is easy — I focus on the storyline, examining what the writer wanted the reader to understand.  I’ll also concentrate on the pace, the back story (if there is one), the characters and how they speak and act, the conflict, and because I’m somewhat of a nerd, I look at grammar too.

During this process, some might think that it would be helpful to highlight, or make notes in the book, well, I completely agree.  I’m reading “SB” on my iPad, and thanks to the updated Kindle app, it’s just as easy as writing in a book.

Now, I’m wondering, how do you learn to write something that you haven’t written before?  Are you one of those who just begin writing, hope it gets published, and then it really does (lucky you!), or are you one who takes the time to actually learn your work, by learning the “rules” of your genre?  I’d love to hear from you, so post a comment back, if you have anything to share!

Oh, but before I leave you today, I wanted to add a link to Emily Giffin’s movie, “Something Borrowed,” which will be out on May 6th, 2011.

Have a great day, everyone!

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