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A System For Mondays?

I would like to say I’m that kind of person who is organized, on time, and knows what she wants.  I’m two out of the three…at least I think I am.  Every single Monday, I seem to want to start a “system,” one that I will try out for the whole week, and see how it fits in with my schedule.  I’m really going to stick to it this week, I tell myself.  By Wednesday my “system” isn’t a system at all, but more of a sporadic day, which is followed by Thursday and Friday of more unorganized days.

Today, just like I always do on Monday’s, I decided to not worry about making a “system” for myself, but to just go in my office and get the work done, knowing what I’ve come to do, and what I have to get done.

So, here’s to my “non-system,” and in hope I can have my book done my birthday on the 18th!

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