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My Writing Lifetime Goal!

Years ago, I read Emily Giffin’s amazing book “Something Borrowed,” followed by “Something Blue.”  Halfway through her third book, “Baby Proof,” I stopped reading her delightful series…though not because I wanted to, but because life got in the way.  (Isn’t that always how it is?)  Just recently, I reread “Something Borrowed,” and a few days afterwords, I found out that it has been turned into a MOVIE, which comes to theaters on May 6th, of this year!  (I can hardly wait!)

Last March I started writing a book, not thinking that I wouldn’t get as far as I have, and these last few days before it’s finished, people are asking me what my goal is?  Besides having a book published, I really hadn’t thought about it — until now!  My lifetime writing goal is to have a book that I have written be turned into a movie.  (I credit Ms. Giffin for showing me that dreams can come true).

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