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Some of my best writing has been done while in the country.  While I’m being surrounded amongst trees, dirt roads, birds, goats and cows, I am in what I call my “happy place.”  My writing is smooth, my characters seem happy, and the storyline moves along at a steady pace.  Unfortunately, Mr. Writer’s Block sometimes decides to join me and view the countryside, but when I’m there, I don’t mind.  I take a breath, walk around, and then come back to it, not having it ruffled my feathers.



When I go on beach vacations, the first thing I pack is my laptop, knowing that I’ll be able to get some work done, while lounging under an umbrella and sipping on strawberry daiquiri!  I’ve noticed that when I write at the beach, it seems to be very different from the day-to-day writing that I do when I’m not on vacation.  It is silly to say, but the beach brings out my erotica side.  My scenes are a lot more steamier, my characters are almost always “in the mood,” and thanks to the inspiration of the lovey-dovey couples that I observe, it helps me stay focused on my work.



These days are my most favorite.  I seem to be focused on writing, and nothing else, (though I first make sure that the husband and cat are fed).  When it’s a lazy day and I’m focused on my work, it’s amazing at what gets done, and how everything just seems to come together.  I could have done nothing all week, and come to the computer for two straight days and catch up, sometimes even writing five days worth!  (On Saturday and Sunday, I have to thank my husband for his encouragement to wake up early and write).

I’m curious…what and where is your “HAPPY PLACE?”

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