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WRITERS: Are You Married To Your Spouse, Or Are You Married To Your Book?

I could define Merriam-Webster’s definition of marriage, but not going to, because I disagree with their “definition” of marriage.  I think that one can be married to anything, just like it’s often hear that some people are “married to their jobs.”  I can see how that can be true, especially for a writer…but at the end of the day, you are also a husband or a wife.


For some writers, I’ve heard that some feel like they are married to the book that they are writing.  I am about to finish writing what I hope will be my first, and I think that after having shared so much effort, time, drama, happy, sad, confusing experiences with it, I can’t help but feel married.  Isn’t that a lot like being really married?  My struggles that I have had with my book, I think make it stronger (and made me a little more frazzled), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love it any less.  There have been nights where I’m listening to my husband snore and though as bad as it might be, all I can think about is the fight I’m having with my characters, but after sleeping on it, everything is better the next day..or at least after some time has gone by.


During the process of writing my book, there has been nobody else who has been as supportive as my husband.  He has pushed me to do things that I didn’t know I could do, and he believes in me more, as each day passes.  This journey has been amazing for both of us, especially with our communicating skills, as he shares his brilliant thoughts, comments or suggestions for my book.  He’s helped me on the days (and weeks) that I have literally stared at the computer, by having the confidence in me that I’ve needed to reach my goal.  I’ve only been married just of a year, but we were together for a longer time before that, so nothing is new about him, not even the annoying way he eats a cookie.  I love being married, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  He is the one I vent to about my hardheaded characters, he’s the one who asks (on most days) if I have written, and it’s because of him that I can say, “I am a writer…and a wife!”

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