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I Might Have Found An Editor!

Oh, the joys of finishing a book (GASP!), but then there’s the next step, finding an editor.  Where and how do you do this?  I had no idea, no idea at all, on how to do this, until I finally looked at something that had been staring me in the eye…for months.  One of the blogs that I frequent, which focuses on the Chick Lit genre, offers an editing service.  Duh! After filling out the required information, I felt very eager to get a reply back from the editor, and later that night, I did!  We’ve been e-mailing each other for the past few days, and today, she gave me her proposed price for editing my work!  I was overjoyed!  “Can this really be happening?”  I felt professional, it’s almost as if I’m a “real” writer.  If I do decided to have this editor edit my work, sending it to her will only be one step closer to being a Writer.


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