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Moving Is Like Editing!

This weekend, my husband and I moved, and we’re still packing from the old place and unpacking boxes at the new place. During the midst of this crazy and busy time, between breaks I am editing my book, and I’ve come to realize that editing is a lot like moving and versa.

Where do things go in the house? Where does that comma go in the story? Does this piece of furniture look better here, or does this sentence go better before or after this one? It’s all in a matter of organizing so that things are not cluttered, and about having nice flow. Editing, it gives me a slight relief from the stresses of seeing scattered boxes around the house. By unpacking, I am relieved from seeing the sentences I typed, as I shake my head wondering what I was thinking when I wrote that.

In the end, when both the house and book will are complete, it will be then that I can step back and look at something beautiful that has been created, each out of patience, care and of course, love…

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