Writing THE END!


When I began writing my book, I really never thought that it would turn into a book.  That was not my intention, at least at that time.  I was taking online writing classes and was just doing my assignments, but then something happened — I couldn’t stop!  My characters were beginning to be my friends, and I knew their secrets.  Like with friends, we had our disagreements and didn’t always get along, and sometimes we didn’t talk to each other for days, even weeks at the most, but we always came back together.  Not only my characters, but also the storyline I was creating, followed me wherever I went — it was all I thought about.  As the words kept flowing, the story began to go somewhere, and just like that, I was halfway, and then I was three-quarters of the way finished…

Now, as my deadline nears, I find that I’m having trouble writing the ending.  Maybe it’s because I don’t know, because I haven’t ever written one, but I think it goes deeper than that.  I really think that I’m not wanting to say my goodbyes to my “friends,” and I certainly don’t want the storyline to end, I want to know what happens to them!  Yes, I’m sure that it sound selfish, but this is the first book I’ve ever written.  My deadline is 13 days away, and I know I’ll make it, but until then, I’ll be loving the heart out of writing my book!


Country Writing/Beach Writing/Lazy Weekend Writing



Some of my best writing has been done while in the country.  While I’m being surrounded amongst trees, dirt roads, birds, goats and cows, I am in what I call my “happy place.”  My writing is smooth, my characters seem happy, and the storyline moves along at a steady pace.  Unfortunately, Mr. Writer’s Block sometimes decides to join me and view the countryside, but when I’m there, I don’t mind.  I take a breath, walk around, and then come back to it, not having it ruffled my feathers.



When I go on beach vacations, the first thing I pack is my laptop, knowing that I’ll be able to get some work done, while lounging under an umbrella and sipping on strawberry daiquiri!  I’ve noticed that when I write at the beach, it seems to be very different from the day-to-day writing that I do when I’m not on vacation.  It is silly to say, but the beach brings out my erotica side.  My scenes are a lot more steamier, my characters are almost always “in the mood,” and thanks to the inspiration of the lovey-dovey couples that I observe, it helps me stay focused on my work.



These days are my most favorite.  I seem to be focused on writing, and nothing else, (though I first make sure that the husband and cat are fed).  When it’s a lazy day and I’m focused on my work, it’s amazing at what gets done, and how everything just seems to come together.  I could have done nothing all week, and come to the computer for two straight days and catch up, sometimes even writing five days worth!  (On Saturday and Sunday, I have to thank my husband for his encouragement to wake up early and write).

I’m curious…what and where is your “HAPPY PLACE?”

Writers Are Celeberity’s Too!


Last year, I wrote a blog post called Are Celebrities Really Writers Too?, a topic I’d like to revisit, but from a different point of view.  HERE is a longer list of 40 Celebrity Book Authors.

If you read the post above, then you already know how I feel about celebrities writing a book, now I want to talk about how a writer morphs into a celeb.  To name a few, John Grisham, Danielle Steel, Janet Evanovich, Stephen King, Emily Giffin, Jan Karon and Jennifer Weiner, didn’t start out as a celeb who turned into a writer, that’s what they already were!  This is how we knew them.  We don’t know them for playing roles on film and we don’t see them wearing sunglasses and on every cover of a tabloid.  Instead, they are at home (or wherever) creating “rockstar” characters.  When their book is published and placed in bookstores, doesn’t that give them rights to say that they are a celebrity?  (I certainly would feel like one).  When an author goes “on tour,” doesn’t that make them famous?  At book signings, people come to meet the writer, correct?  Well, don’t people love meeting celebs, too?

In closing, I encourage my writer friends to bask joy of being a celeb, have fun with it, and know that you do have the right to be called a celebrity, because you are, (or will be)!  🙂

Happy Friday, everyone!

(The picture is of my favorite Chick Lit writer, Emily Giffin).

What My Characters Are Doing When I’m Not Writing…


So, for about a day now, I haven’t written at all, and I’m okay with that, because when I do get back to my story, I know that I will have come back with more motivation and inspiration.  I will have more of a clear head, and my “friend,” Mr. Writer’s Block, will be gone.  Okay, that’s a lie.  Mr. Block hasn’t come for a visit, but I’d like to use that as an excuse.

This brings me to wonder, “What are my characters doing when I’m not writing?”  As I stare at the point I left off at, my characters are staring at me, I am here at my desk, staring back at them.  It’s almost as if we’re playing a staring game, and I will not let them win.

I will be the one who determines their future…It will be me who makes the first move!  I hold all the power…

Now, in order to do that, I feel that I must observe what they are doing when I’m not writing.  First, I read the beginning of the scene that I have put them in, (though mostly I just scan the scene, because if I really read, then I the editor in me will want to jump in and take charge).  I try to pay attention to the mood, but not just my characters, mine as well, because often times, my mood isn’t the same as it before.  Since I’m writing from my Heroine’s POV, I toss my hair back (like a celeb), getting into character and continue on my writing journey.

If you happen to be lucky, and who knows exactly what your characters are up to when you’re not with them, then good for you, (I envy you!)

My Characters…


After getting the idea from someone’s blog, I have to say that the idea really struck a chord with me, one I can’t seem to forget.

The idea was to find celebs that resembled their characters, so here are mine:

Lucy, my main Heroine:

The Heroine










Nathan, the main Hero:










Rachel, the heroine’s best friend:










Jackson, is Lucy’s ex-fiance:










Bradley is Jackson’s boyfriend, and a friend to Lucy:







After posting this, I’m sure that my reader are questioning me, and I’m even questioning myself, but this is how I see them…or at least until the book is published.  🙂

The Title Of…Your Book!


Last year, at the very beginning of my book, I had a title for my book.  It was going to be Second Thoughts of the Sexless Fiancée, but then the characters began “speaking,” and thing changed drastically.  Now, I’m writing the end of my book and I still don’t have a title!  Yes, I could just call it “Book 1,” but who wants that on the cover of their first book?  I certainly don’t.  I have put my heart and soul into this book, and I think that it deserves to have something really catchy, along the same lines as it was originally named.  I’m not saying that the title has to grab the reader, though that would be nice, but I’m really thinking about the characters and the story that I think needs to be told.

So, tonight I’m wondering, how do you come up with titles of your books?

Do You Reward Yourself?


Do you make writing deadlines?  If so, do you reward yourself after making it?

I’m about to finish what I hope will be my first published book, and I’m already thinking of how I’m going to reward myself.  Like I’ve posted on my blogs before, my deadline is on my 30th birthday — 16 days away, (PANIC)!  The fact that I will be able to say, “I wrote a book,” is going to be awesome, but what else do I get from saying that, what is my reward?  Since the editing process and finding someone to want my book, it probably won’t be published anytime soon, I’m in need of something to keep me going, and able to write my second book.

As I write this, I’m curious as to why saying it isn’t enough for me?  Is it the fact that I want people to see me in a different light, rather than just a daughter, a wife, and sister?

What did you do to celebrate finishing your first book?

My Writing Lifetime Goal!


Years ago, I read Emily Giffin’s amazing book “Something Borrowed,” followed by “Something Blue.”  Halfway through her third book, “Baby Proof,” I stopped reading her delightful series…though not because I wanted to, but because life got in the way.  (Isn’t that always how it is?)  Just recently, I reread “Something Borrowed,” and a few days afterwords, I found out that it has been turned into a MOVIE, which comes to theaters on May 6th, of this year!  (I can hardly wait!)

Last March I started writing a book, not thinking that I wouldn’t get as far as I have, and these last few days before it’s finished, people are asking me what my goal is?  Besides having a book published, I really hadn’t thought about it — until now!  My lifetime writing goal is to have a book that I have written be turned into a movie.  (I credit Ms. Giffin for showing me that dreams can come true).