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Chick-Lit: From A Man’s POV

Earlier this afternoon, my brother called and asked me if I wanted or needed anything at Barnes & Noble.  At first I told him no, but then decided to make it a challenge, testing what a man thinks is Chick Lit, so I then told him to bring me a Chick-Lit.  He mumbled something about Romance books and about “smut” books.  After we hung up with him, I was a little worried about what he might come back with, but had complete confidence in him.

When he did over, he brought me a Chick-Lit!  My husband asked him if he had anyone help him, and he said no.  He then told us that he picked the book because of “the colors, the font, the specific words in that particular order.”  I think he did a very well job about picking up the sub-genre of Romance, and do find it very interesting how he explained, especially by the “colors” and “font.”  He was very observant, noticing that Chick-Lit’s are usually very colorful, to attract (mostly) female readers.  As for the font, he made another observation by commenting on the font.  Squiggly lines and curly fonts (usually) attract women, compared to the upright text of “men’s books” by John Grisham, for example.  Overall, I am very proud of my little brother, who isn’t as much of a book lover as I am, that he could identify the genre that his sister will hopefully be a member of.

The book my wonderful brother picked for me is “The Overnight Socialite,” by Bridie Clark.  I look forward to reading this book and having it be the third book that I plan to review, which is a new feature on my blog, under the Book Review tab.

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