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I Want To Get Away

I have written a similar blog about this, but now that I’m writing my second book and am even more confidant in my writing, I’m really wanting to get away!  (HERE is the other blog).

I’ve always just wanted to go on vacation but not just any vacation, a writing vacation.  It would be thrilling to know that I could be away from home for a straight 7 days, writing and working, on my own schedule, without any interruptions.  Seven full days focusing 100% on my work would give me the time and the motivation I need to get a serious amount of pages written.

Whether your vacation be beach, country or hotel themed, imagine how accomplished you would feel.  Wouldn’t  it give you that sense of motivation to make your writing dream a reality?

Across the world, there are thousands of retreats especially for this, to encourage and help you along your journey.  I don’t know if I’ll ever go to one, but this year, I am going to go on a vacation, alone, and just write…wish me luck!

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