Writing Distractions

This morning, I had no idea what to write about, so I decided to read other writing blogs to get inspired.  After reading THIS blog, finally I was motivated to write.

One of the main reasons why your article or book takes forever to write, is mainly because you’re allowing the internet to distract you, everything from celebrity gossip, news, blogging websites, games, and even email — it’s all a huge distraction.

You think to yourself, “Just write,” but it isn’t always that simple, though I really wish it could be.  I wish I could tell you what I do to help me not be distracted from the internet, but I can’t, because every single day is different, some days I’m focused and some days, I’m not.

Here is some advice, that no matter what distracting mood I’m in, this works:

SET A DEADLINE:  When I was writing my first book, this was a big motivator.  There were days, and sometime weeks, that I wouldn’t write, but knowing the fact that I had a deadline looming over me, was thrilling in a way.  I did change the deadline for the book to be finished, but I moved it up, which made me focus even more.

WRITE EVERY SINGLE DAY:  Whether it be a page or a certain amount of words, it’s best to write — anything.  Now, I’m not talking about making it a perfect scene, but at least you’ve written something, and that’s better than nothing.  Also, writing notes, or working on your plot and storyline does count.

HAVE A WRITING BUDDY:  Having a writing friend is such an amazing thing!  It’s funny, because my writing pal is my husband’s best friend, who was also the Best Man in our wedding, and sometimes when we’re together we talk about writing, and my husband doesn’t understand out language.  I love how he and I can discuss our different types and styles of writing with one another.  We are honest when critiquing each other’s work, which I am very thankful for.  We’ve had only one meeting and thanks to his brilliant suggestion, he played a major part in me finishing my book.  (Thank you, Wade).  Also, taking writing classes are a great way to meet new friends.  When I was taking online classes at Gotham Writers’ Workshop, I met a lot of great people, who I’m still friends with today.  (One of them will be my first Guest Author on my blog, which I will share next week!  Thank you, Elke!).

TREAT WRITING LIKE A JOB:  By treating your writing like a job, you’re more likely to take it more seriously.  For example: Would you rather work on your novel, or would you rather watch reruns of “Friends?”  Would your boss allow you to watch TV on the clock?  Probably not.  Also, find someone who can check on your daily/weekly/monthly progress.  (I had my husband check my status at least two to three times a week, which was also a huge motivator).

If you are having trouble knowing how to get started with your writing goals, here are a few websites that I thought were helpful.

How To, #1

How To, #2

How To, #3

In the end, when you’ve written the words THE END, know that it was all worth it, to stay focused and not get distracted by the INTERNET!


3 thoughts on “Writing Distractions

  1. I love the comic! I’ve been mixing in comic strips into my posts (using Pixton until I can create my own, eventually), which have been a huge relief for me when I’m stressed and need to relax. I love your suggestions as well. I’m still working on finding that writing buddy. Congrats on publishing your first novel too. It’s great to find inspiration through other writers’ blogs. See, surfing the net has it’s perks just not when you’re on a deadline :). I look forward to reading more from your blog.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I’m so glad you like my suggestions, as I don’t like it when people preach to me about what to do — I’m just suggesting and saying what works for me. I agree, using the internet does have it “perks” when I’m on a deadline. 🙂 I look forward to you stopping by!

  2. Hi Isabella,

    Loved the comic strip and your suggestions. Great advice! The last point is my biggest motivator.

    It’s been wonderful keeping in touch with you too. Thank you for making me your first guest author.

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