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Editing On Paper

Editing "Redefined Dreams"

So, right now I’m a quarter in of editing my first book, Redefined Dreams, and so far, it’s going good.  When I began a few weeks ago, it took me twenty minutes to just do the first page!  (I think that’s only because I was so focused on perfect editing, as I am a perfectionist at things I’m passionate about).  Once I got going, I was soon on page ten, and so on and on, and on.  It surprised me that I am really enjoying the editing process, almost more than writing the book.

The one thing that took so long to understand were the editing symbols.  It seems like it would be simple to understand, right?  Wrong!  I found it funny that I became frustrated by the fact that my symbols on paper, didn’t look like how they are supposed to — RELAX, I told myself, and just edit!  It’s been a few weeks since I started editing, and so far so good — that’s because I’ve started using Isabella Symbols, which are basically the same thing — at least I understand what they all mean, right?

When I get my computer back, which will hopefully be soon, I’m very eager to start editing and changing the story all around — oh, what fun will that be, but for now, editing on paper isn’t so bad!

So, I ask you, which way to you prefer to edit, on paper or on the computer?

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