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Football, Writing & Editing: How They Are Alike

I love sports!  Whether it’s Hockey, Baseball, or Basketball, they all can be like writing or editing.  However, Football, my favorite sport, I think is most similar.  With all the “Offside,” “Penalty,” “First/Second/Third downs,” “Interception” and “Touchdown” calls during the game, doesn’t it make sense?  Here let me explain:  You, the writer and editor, are the Quarterback and/or Coach.  You get to decide what direction your story goes.  You get to decide what stays in, or what should be taken out.  Football has beginning, middles and ends.  Football has “characters” who play a very important part.  You need a Hero in each game and book.  The character can be anyone in your book, (preferably a MC), and it’s usually the QB, combined with one or two team players, (a MC Heroine and an inner conflict).  By the end of the game, no matter how long it is, you’ll have written a book.

So, the next time you’re watching a football game, and are in the middle of writing or editing, pay attention to their similarities.

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