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It’s Fun Friday

Hey, everyone, and Happy Friday!

Most women love wearing lipstick, right?  Well, as we all know, lipsticks do not stay on!  We apply and keep reapplying all day long.  There are days when I don’t even bother putting on lipstick because there is no point in it.  Well, when I saw Maybelline’s commercial for Super Stay 24 Hour lipstick, I thought “Yeah, like that’s going to work!”  Well, after seeing several commercials, I decided to try it.  Oh, my gosh, this stuff really works.  I will put this stuff on one morning and it’s still on the  next morning!

The brilliant Maybelline product isn’t sticky, and the gloss at the other side stays glossy for quite a long time, even through eating, drinking and kissing!  I recommend Super Stay 24 Hour lipstick to any woman who has yet to find  a long-lasting lip color product!

I purchased mine at my local CVS, but I’m sure that they are sold at any (Super) Target, Walgreens or drugstore near you!

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