Savory Saturday


This this my 100th blog, and in honor of that, I want to announce that I’ll be doing something new every Saturday.  It’s called “Savory Saturday” (my husband came up with the title), and I’ll be writing about food!  As an ex-culinary student, it’s easy to see that writing and cooking are very similar — writing and editing to create a wonderful book vs. using the perfect amount of ingredients, which creates an amazing meal.

My first blog about will be posted later tonight!  I’ll be writing about what my husband is currently making, two Tapas (one is tuna and goat cheese empanadillas and the other is duck foie with jamon iberico) and for the main course, we’re having Spanish Style Chicken with Saffron Rice.

Stay tuned for the first “Savory Saturday” post!

It’s Fun Friday


Hey, everyone, and Happy Friday!

Most women love wearing lipstick, right?  Well, as we all know, lipsticks do not stay on!  We apply and keep reapplying all day long.  There are days when I don’t even bother putting on lipstick because there is no point in it.  Well, when I saw Maybelline’s commercial for Super Stay 24 Hour lipstick, I thought “Yeah, like that’s going to work!”  Well, after seeing several commercials, I decided to try it.  Oh, my gosh, this stuff really works.  I will put this stuff on one morning and it’s still on the  next morning!

The brilliant Maybelline product isn’t sticky, and the gloss at the other side stays glossy for quite a long time, even through eating, drinking and kissing!  I recommend Super Stay 24 Hour lipstick to any woman who has yet to find  a long-lasting lip color product!

I purchased mine at my local CVS, but I’m sure that they are sold at any (Super) Target, Walgreens or drugstore near you!

Emailing Your Editor


Tonight I emailed my wonderful editor my 12 pages!  It was the first time that I had returned anything to her, and I feel good about the work that I replied back to her with.  It’s times like these that I love, being in contact with someone who can help you get to the destination you want, the published book.  There was also this part of me that was as nervous as hell, and found it hard to write the last sentence, telling her how I hope she likes what I’ve done.  Why was I so nervous?  I have no clue, but think that it could have also been exciting energy what was pouring out of my hands, as I typed.  I was also trying to be professional, maybe a little too professional, but I think is very important in business.

Now, tell me about your editor experiences, as I could use the advice.

Editing While Feeling Blah


With editing, reading book reviews, writing my 2nd book, being a writer isn’t much fun when you’re feeling blah!  My fibromyalgia has kicked in high gear and this isn’t fun!  It makes me feel like literally doing nothing at all, but not just that, it also paralyzes me from doing anything.  Even as I write this, the keystrokes are agitating my shoulder — OUCH!  When I take medicine it makes me feel loopy (which I’m sure could make for some really interesting characters), so during the day, that’s out of the question.

What do you do when you’re not feeling well and you’ve got a mile-high of stuff stacked upon your desk?

Your 2nd, 3rd and 4th Book


You’ve written your first book!  Congratulations!  Like me, you might be in the editing stage of your book, but aren’t you eager to get back to writing?  I know I am!

Last week, I got a surge of energy and ideas to write my 2nd, 3rd and 4th book!  It’s hard to believe, but yes, it’s true.  With my trusty iPhone’s Notes application, I jotted down the beginning, middle and end of my next books — I just want to write, write, write!

These books will be written differently.  I am more prepared to take on whatever struggles or conflicts that I know will come with these next books.

Just An Observation


Today I went to B & N with my mom today and I found something interesting, though it’s something that’s been happing…ever since the NOOK came out.

“Hi, would you like me to give you a demonstration of the Nook today,” asks this skinny man, right as I enter the store.  It’s almost as if he’s begging me to by his product at the BOOK store, not the NOOK store.  I tell him I already have one, but that’s a lie.  The truth is, I don’t even want one, and if I were to tell him that, I’m afraid that his eyes would literally pop out of his shocked face and say, “But you don’t want a Nook?  It’s new technology!” with a gasp, as he raises his hand over his mouth!

I think it’s funny that they are trying to sell these in BOOK stores, because isn’t it just helping make books more obsolete?  I understand the NOOK is a Barnes and Noble product, but don’t people know B & N as a a book store, with a few sections of gifts, cards, music and Godiva chocolates?  Say for example, that they convince enough people to buy the NOOK, wouldn’t it make their store go out of business…like this one:

The way I see it is that book stores, wonderful highly recognized book stores, are being contradictory — they want to sell books, but they are pushing the NOOK on us, right as we enter the store.  It’s almost as if they are telling us, “Don’t look at those things on the shelf, they’re old and no good.”  On another note, I’ve heard from several people that they can’t get some books on the Nook/Kindle/eReaders.  Well, see, isn’t it good that we sill have a book store to go to?!

What do you, the reader, the book lover, the NOOK lover or hater, think about this?

Handwritten Letters


There is something so special about receiving a handwritten letter, yet these days, they are almost obsolete, thanks to email, texts and the internet.  For the last few months, my mom and I have been sending one another the same cards/letters, each time finding less space to write anything back.  By receiving and mailing back these handwritten letters, there is something so special about it, it’s more personal.

You might wonder how this began, well let me tell you.  I was at my mom’s house and she was wrapping a present for one of her best friends.  She opened a large bag of cards that she has saved over several years.  I watched as she signed the aged card that the friend had sent her.  I asked why she planned on sending that card to her friend and she told me that it’s something that they had always done.  Two days later, I received a card that I sent my mom a long time ago.  From that day a few months ago, we’ve maybe mailed back five ten cards, each one using up  all the blank spaces.  It’s also been a great way to say a little “hello” to each other while she’s been on vacation in Florida.

I encourage you to try this wonderful way of reintroducing handwritten letters or cards…

The First 100 Pages…


How do you get through the first 100 pages of a book that you really don’t like, but have to finish?  For the first time in about a week and a 110 pages read, I picked back up the book and forced myself to continue reading it.  After I got eighty pages down, I realized that the book isn’t so bad after all, and I found myself laughing out loud.

I’m reading this very well-known author’s first book, which I thought might be some kind of inspiration for continuing the journey of publishing mine.  The author instantly hooked me in the beginning, but as we all know, a back story is always nice.  Well, in this particular book, there were pages and pages of that, too much I think, which began to get boring.  Now that the book moving along, at a very well pace, I’m thoroughly enjoying the book.

What do you do when you need to read a book that you’re not really into?