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Writing…At A Real Office?

Right now I write at home…well, these days it’s still like a construction site, but we’re slowly making room for a new desk to go into the office.  I’m looking forward to this because I am eager to complete the work around the house and for my writing life to get back to normal, along with having a daily routine!  My routine when I have an office at home is lovely and I enjoy having the luxury of being at home, and multi-tasking (laundry, groceries, construction workers, etc.).  While each day is different and some are better than other’s, I think that I have the ability to get my work done, even while I’m still in my pajamas.  It make me feel like I’ve accomplished something, so by the time my husband gets home from work, we both can have a nice relaxing evening together, and with our cat.

On the flip side, I’ve thought about getting an office, someplace where I would have to actually “go” to work, even when I don’t want to.  I would work all day at work and I wouldn’t have any distractions.  If I had writer’s block, then I would have it and I’d it there until either something clicked or it was time to go home and start dinner.  (Though events like this happen when I’m folding laundry, making lunch or cleaning the kitchen).

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages of both choices:


  • I’d drive to work to and feel as if I have a job
  • I’d not be able to get out of bed and just write
  • I’d be able to escape the day-to-day distractions
  • When I want to write at night, everything wouldn’t be there
  • I wouldn’t be in “the zone!”
Okay, so you can tell, I’m on the fence about what to do.  What would you do?  Better yet, what do you do?
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