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My Comment On A Blog

Today I came a wonderful blog and I this was my comment:

What a great blog! I’m very impressed with how far you’ve come with your career so far. You’re certainly an inspiration.

As far as what to call this fun genre, I think it should stay called Chick Lit. I do not like the sound of Upbeat Women’s Fiction, no matter how proper it sounds. I think that it takes away from the fun and “upbeat,” if you will, story-lines such as these! Also, a lot of women, no matter what their age is, dive headlong into Chick Lit books at all stages in their life, some even finding it a comfort during a break-up, a death and a way to comfort themselves during the lonely thing called being single! Wouldn’t it seem odd that if you’re in the bookstore and you need help trying to find the Upbeat Women’s section. Wouldn’t you immediately be insecure about what the employee at the store thinks of you now? “Great, now they know I’m (insert emotion here) and need a pick-me-up!” Now I’m not saying that every woman would feel that way, but really, has anyone ever looked up the definition of “upbeat?” Another thing I’m thinking is that they (the non-chick lit lovers) are trying to up the age of the reader for their type of books). I wonder what Olivia Goldsmith (the author of “The First Wives Club” would think of this. I bet she’s turning over in her grave). And think of Helen Fielding, the one who brought “Bridget Jones” into our life. Oh, and one more point (I promise) — what about Emily Giffin? Her “Something Borrowed” hit theaters in early May of this year, but the book has been out for quite a while, and they are planning on making “Something Blue!” Now, she’s is one of the Queens of the Chick Lit genre and is becoming even more popular since her movie debut. So, if they are making movies out of these Chick Lit’s, how can this genre be dwindling?

Again, great blog!

If you’d love to see what sparked my engine to write something I am so passionate about, here is THIS wonderful blog.

What do you think?

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