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Adding Spark To Your Writing and/or Editing?

First of all, I apologize to all my faithful subscribers for not posting in quite a long time — I’ve been on vacation, reading for my reviews and editing my own book…oh, and I started another class at Gotham Writers’ Workshop, my last to receive my Fiction Certificate.

For my GWW assignment this week, it was challenging enough to where I was way out of my genre, yet not way too off to where it wasn’t enjoyable.  The piece I wrote wasn’t really dark, but more grey.  After I wrote the piece I read it over and over, not believing that I had written something that was so mysterious and showing, with a rare amount of telling — if any at all, like the assignment I was given.  I found this inspiring!  My passion for writing came more alive, though it never really left, it was just on hiatus.

With  these wonderful and creative assignments, it has taught me to open my mind to another kind of writing, not just the happy-go-lucky stuff that I normally write.  While I wasn’t quite sure about this class being the right time for me, I can see now that I was clearly wrong.  It’s motivated me to be a better writer and editor.  You might question the word “editor,” but since I’m in the process of editing, I think that it might be a great idea to incorporate new ideas with what I have already written.

I highly advise anyone who is in a slump with their writing to give taking a writing class a try.  It can definitely be the spark  that you need.

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