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It’s Fun Friday

As a Chick Lit writer and an avid sports fan, I’d like to put these two together and talk about my five favorite attractive men in sports.  Often when I’m at a Texas Ranger’s game or am watching football, it’s a perk to see these guys in action.


Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers QB

I grew up being a Green Bay Packers fan!  I even have a cheese-head, though it’s in the shape of a cowboy hat — the best of both worlds, since I’m also a Cowboy fan!

A few years ago my dad bought me tickets to the Green Bay Packers vs. the Dallas Cowboys.  I was in heaven and I was beyond thrilled to go see a legend play, Brett Favre, was once my favorite quarterback.  Unfortunately, I was late to the game, but got there just in time for the second quarter to start.  I remember it like it was yesterday and I kept my eyes on the (old) QB, Favre, nervous that he was going to get hurt.  Well, sure enough that’s what happened, and guess who was his backup?  Aaron Rodgers!


Some might not think that he’s all that handsome, even at first I didn’t think he was that attractive, but as I’ve become to “know” this fun-loving man, I love everything he stands for.  From the time he was the new starting QB, not once have I seen this sexy man not seem focused on his job and his team.  Earlier this year he took his team to the Super Bowl and they won, reclaiming what belongs in Green Bay, the Lombardi Trophy!


Mike Fisher plays for the Nashville Predators

I didn’t know who this hot NHL player was until he married a certain American Idol winner, but one thing’s for sure, I was sure missing out!  From the moment I saw his picture in celeb magazines, he became one of the sexiest men I had ever seen.  (Just look at that sweet, sexy, adorable, charming smile).  He even looks great in a suit!  Recently he was traded from the Ottawa Senators to (ironically) be closer to his wife in Nashville, to play for the Predators!  (Aww…I know, how sweet)!  While his name is Mike Fisher, he’s also known as Mr. Carrie Underwood.  Yes, what a lucky lady she is and just imagine how beautiful their children are going to be.  I wish these two a lifetime of love and happiness


Tom Brady, New England Patriot's QB

This man has it all — the looks, the personality, the build, and who can forget those seductive eyes and lips?  Tom Brady is one of the sexiest men in the world!  He’s a leader on and off the field (and I’m sure in the sack too).


Why I haven’t been a fan of the Patriot’s, Tom Brady is definitely a reason to become a Pat’s lover!  This family man is very protective of his wife and son.  (His model wife, Gisele, is one lucky lady.  I love how she lets her man take the lead and get all the attention on the red carpet, what a sweetheart)!


Oscar De La Hoya, Retired Pro Boxer

I grew up watching the greats fight…you know, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and George Foreman, just to name  a few, but when I watched a fight with Oscar De La Hoya, also known as “Pretty Boy,” I thought I had died and gone to heaven – I mean, look at him…and look at that chiseled sexy body!


When he was in the boxing ring, no matter how bad it got, the handsome boxer never gave up and he fought for the many titles he won!

Sadly a few years ago, this man retired , but he will always be my favorite boxer…and of course, I’ll remember his (fill in the blank here).  Is there really another boxer as sexy as he is?  I dare you to name at least one…

Whoever tags this man is certainly a lucky lady!  This man is certain to be a lover and a fighter!


Josh Hamilton, Texas Ranger's Outfielder

Oh, my Josh, how I love you!

As a Texas Ranger’s fan and a season ticket holder, I have grown more fond of the game baseball, mainly since last year when we were in the MLB playoffs, but unfortunately we lost the World Series.  One man who helped get us so far was Josh Hamilton.

Aww, how cute is this face?

I pick Josh as my #1 main player because he is the full package wrapped into one.  Not only is he adorable in a manly way, his eyes have this calming look to them that makes me want to look at him forever, couldn’t you?  Besides him being attractive, he clearly has everything a woman could want — he’s respectful (each time I’ve seen him on camera), he’s funny (each time I’ve seen him on a talk show), he’s a family man (he talks about his family quite a bit).

He has had problems with drugs and alcohol, but Josh has been clean for quite a while now, and it shows to his teammates and fans.  He’s a likable guy in the clubhouse and it’s obvious.  (I loved how when we were in the playoffs, the team celebrated with Ginger Ale not champagne, when Josh was in the room, and then Josh left so that everyone else could have their celebration).  See, he’s just a good guy!

When I’m at the games and his name is called, it’s clear (to anyone) that he wants to do his best, that he is a team player and that he wants to be there and that he wants to win!

The Main Man in Action

As a fan of baseball, I will forever be a Josh Hamilton fan.  I’m also hoping that the Texas Ranger’s organization will retire Josh’s number, so that he will forever be a Texas Ranger!

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