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Accomplished Writers Motivate Me

Today I watched “Something Borrowed” by my favorite Author, Emily Giffin. This book was a great read and it will forever be on my Top 5 Favorite Book list. As the movie played on I began to feel somewhat of a closeness with the delightful and sweet (Rachel) and it’s all-about-me (Darcy) characters, just like I did when I read the book. Though the movie didn’t follow the book exactly, it was pretty close. I relived a few of my favorite scenes and wow…I congratulate Emily on what I can only dream about. Having her bestselling books (I heard that “Something Blue” is in the works), become movies, it makes me want to work harder to get my book published and hopefully have it turned into a movie.

For more inspiration HERE is an interview which I loved, especially her answer to the 4th question. Am I stubborn? Absolutely!

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