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Today Was Inspiring

Like the title of this blog today was inspiring!  Last night I sent the beginning of my second book “Somewhere Down In Texas” to my writer friend Wade.  I loved what he had to say about what I had written so far and it made my day and night!  With his comments, questions and ideas, he  made me think about the direction I was headed with certain characters and thank goodness for him, they have been saved.  Okay, maybe they haven’t been really “saved,” but they have been reconstructed and certain important parts have formed deeper and come together, which have helped the reader understand a little bit more.

I strongly encourage my writer friends to find other writer friends to talk and communicate about your work in progress.  There is nothing better than to have your (best) friend read you work and give you his/her honest opinion.  I loved how Wade asked me question and had question about my story.  Those questions made me think, and they made me a better writer!

I also encourage you to email or give your story to each and every one of your friends.  It’s best to pick who you give your book to and it’s okay to be picky — you want the comments you hear back to be both, positive and negative.  I also recommend starting or joining a writing group.  Don’t be bashful (like I was), it’s okay to share you success with your non-writer friends too!  They have their own lives, right?  Well, can’t you write characters like them too?

Again, I thank Wade, and my writing friends, for being such a supporter of my writing.  I couldn’t do it without you!

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