It’s Fun Friday


Instead of my typical Fun Friday blog I’ve decided to write about something that is fun to me — writing my second book!

Since I’ve been editing and am feeling comfortable with the work I’m doing, I decided that it’s time to pick up with the characters in my second book, Somewhere Down In Texas.  Earlier this week I read through what I had written in December and was pleasantly surprised that there were only a few changes that I wanted to make.  Once I got to a point where I could begin writing again I felt rejuvenated and refreshed.  It was a new beginning, and my characters are coming alive and the storyline is coming together beautifully!

Since writing my first book I’ve learned a lot about writing, the (sometimes) grueling process of sitting at the computer and forming words into sentences, but of all the things I’ve learned, I’ve learned the most about myself and who I am.  I am a writer and there’s nothing that I’d rather be.