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Nothing To Write? No Problem!

A blank mind...

This morning I woke up shortly after five and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Around six, I headed into the kitchen to make some tea, only to find that my Keurig machine is broken, so no morning tea — ugh!  I grabbed my laptop and headed back to the bed, with a snoring husband and cat laying next to me.  Must be nice to still be asleep, I thought.  After checking the my inbox, seeing that there was little to be read, I headed on over to WordPress to start getting inspired to write my blog for the day.  Well, that was almost five hours ago and I’m still not inspired to write anything.

Since I can’t think of anything to write about today, I think that it’s important to keep writing, even if it’s bad.  You might even get a spark of something worthy to write and you can always edit later.  As a writer, I think that it’s important to keep the momentum up and train your brain to write and yes, you can train your brain.

Now take a deep breath, put your fingers on the keys and write!  You can do it!

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