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Sunday Reflections

Mistakes can be erased...

Each Monday many people try to start things off right, maybe trying to erase their mistakes from the previous week and/or have had a burst of inspiration, or a talk with themselves.  Monday’s are for making things better, whether it’s emotional, physical or accomplishing tasks that need to be done.

Make A List!

Sunday’s are great days for making a list of what you want to do, goals to make and  a way to start fresh.  If I have several types of things that I need to get done, make lists for each category.  (Ex.: Writing, Family, Bills).  Now reflect back on what you didn’t do last week that you should have and make that top priority and write it all down.  No matter how little or how long the list is don’t worry, take it one step at a time.  It’s even okay to have a list to make time for yourself and put yourself on the list!  As you reflect, also think about your personal goals.  (Ex.: Walk every single day, drink eight cups of water, write blog entry before bed).

As you cross stuff off your list, you’ll notice that with each task completed, you will feel less stressed.  In doing so, for each three things you do, reward yourself.  I’m not saying go by yourself anything expensive, but you could go get your nails done, go out to dinner, buy yourself a bottle of wine, take a bubble bath…the rewards are endless!

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