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What Am I?

When I began this blog, it was merely to connect with other bloggers and authors, and to meet some friends.  I never in a million years thought that Chick Lit Goddess would be where it is today!

The more I blogged and read other people’s websites, the more I noticed a trend.  People were reviewing books!  When I received my first “Will you review this book?” question, my heart melted!  I was overjoyed that someone had taken the time to ask me, a non-professional, to read their book.  After I read, wrote and posted my review, I’ve had quite a few people wonder if I would read their book and write a review too, especially within the past few weeks.  This leads me to wonder…

Who am I?  Am I a blogger?  Am I a writer?  Am I a reviewer?  Another question I have is, how do I manage it all?  When do I read?  How do I edit my first book?  When I do I have time to work on self-publishing my second book?  As a New Year’s resolution, I’d like to take this all into consideration, and even make a somewhat of a calendar.

I’d love to hear your comments/questions/ideas, so let me know!


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