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I’ll Admit It, I Love My Kindle, But…


For my first blog in 2012 (wow, that felt weird to type), I’d like to bring up a topic which most are black or white, with only a few in the grey area.  I’m talking about the love for the way you read whether it’s from an e-book or a hardback/paperback.  When I began this blog I was new to the e-book way of life, and I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.  I even wrote a BLOG about it.

This was before I found myself reading books to be reviewed, and not just for pleasure.  Now that I have established myself enough to be honored to be called a reviewer, it is easy for me to see now how much and e-book is such a necessity!  I can read pretty much anywhere – in the grocery line, in the car while the hubby’s driving, a doctor’s office, just to name a few examples of why it’s nice to have an e-book!  Having both, an iPhone and an iPad, are the two things I said that I would never have — I was strictly a Blackberry girl, but since changing over, it’s made my reading and reviewing life easier!  Can we say yee-haw?!  Oh, and to show you just how non-technical I am, just this week learned that I could sync where I was reading to another device!  I’m all for ebooks now, except that…

They’re not the “real” thing!  Has any ever thought about how there might now be anymore book signings?  (I’ve always wanted to go to one).  Just today I was watching TV the show I was watching was talking about how much books are worth.  Would this be the case in the e-book world?  I love to be able to see books on their shelves, but as a book collector I’m running out of space (This doesn’t make the hubby happy – ha, ha, ha!).

Where do you stand on this topic?

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