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It’s Savory Saturday

Cheese!  Better yet, Brie cheese!  Who doesn’t like it?  Even those who are lactose intolerant enjoy it!  Am I right?

I often see myself drinking wine and munching on Brie and bread — it could be a meal.  Well, when I came across the package of Ile de France Brie Cheese, I was in heaven!  I was weary on the high caloric intake because after all, it’s Brie, but I was shocked to find out that these small circles of cheese are only 70 calories per piece!  I bought two bags and they were gone in about a week and a half because they are so yummy!  (Of course, I did share with the hubby).

I usually eat them as my dessert after dinner with a glass of wine, but of course you could eat the cheese with nuts, crackers, fruit, and chocolate.

I do hope you are lucky enough to find them in your grocery store, (I found them here in Dallas at my Tom Thumb), because these little pieces of Brie are so addicting.  Speaking of that, excuse me while I go fill my wine and indulge myself in on more piece of Brie.

Happy Savory Saturday to you!

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