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It’s Fun Friday

When we think of cowboys, don’t we think of boots, jeans and sexy music?  The following sexy make my heart beat fast each time I see them.

Kenny Chesney, #10

The first time I heard Kenny Chesney sing All I Need To Know, I was hooked on him.  It was a song that was recorded on his second CD, which came out in 1995.  When I saw the video, I remember watching it over and over.  His smile made me swoon, and his voice was a major turn on.  Since then, it seems that Kenny’s music has transitioned into sounding more and more like Jimmy Buffett, hence his song No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem, but that’s okay because he’s still got that sweet smile that can melt a woman’s heart.

Chris Young, #9

 My brother introduced me to this amazing, talented, and handsome new country singer.  His hits include Drinkin’ Me Lonely, Voices, and Tomorrow.  When I saw him in concert over the summer, he hit the notes perfectly, and of course he look great while doing so.

John Michael Montgomery, #8

When I heard I Can Love You Like That for the first time, I was in heaven.  JMM’s dimples are a guarantee way to any woman’s heart.  (Seriously, look at that cute face!)  I love his teddy bearish body — doesn’t it make you just want to cuddle up next to him?  We’ve not heard that much from him lately, but we’ll never forget his emotional and very sexy songs like I Swear, or especially the song I Love The Way You Love Me.

Toby Keith, #7

How could anyone not love Toby?  This honky-tonk bad boy has been known to carry a flask with him to award shows, not to mention be vocal about his political views.  Don’t we all love a man who speaks their mind?  His rugged bad-ass ways can charm any woman, and his smile can light up any room.  From Toby’s upbeat songs like How Do You Like Me Now and Should’ve Been A Cowboy, to the sweet heartfelt songs, You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This and Me Too, it’s hard to say how I what side of him I like the best!  He’s just an all around American made man!  Isn’t that sexy?

Clay Walker, #6

When I first heard Hypnotize The Moon by the hot and sexy Clay Walker, I was in heaven.  Every time I heard it, it was as if he were singing directly to me.  His songs are filled with so much emotion, and isn’t that attractive?  Where Do I Fit In The Picture, Fall, and Love To Be Your Last are my favorite songs that he sings.  I love his dark eyes; I could literally fall into him!  What’s not to love about this HOT man?

Keith Urban, #5

This Australian born hunk looks like he could be in band (possibly a heavy metal), but instead, he’s his one man show — and what a show he puts on.  I’ve seen him on several interviews and what I love most about him is that he’s a down-home family man!  He love his wife (Nicole Kidman) and their two beautiful girls.  When I saw him in concert, he charmed the crowd, not only with his voice, but with his sweet smile.  I could listen to him sing and talk all day long in his alluring accent, and he’s pretty damn easy on the eyes…

Jason Aldean, #4

There is a special place in my heart for Jason Aldean.  When I saw him at the Texas Stampede a few years ago, Big Green Tractor, was a new song — one I loved!  It’s a sweet slow song about a tractor.  Silly, yes, but the song is adorable!  His upbeat song She’s Country, is one of my favorite songs — it truly a country song!  His Dirt Road Anthem and My Kind Of Party are just two highly popular songs that make him who he is.  Every CD release by him is amazing!  While Jason might look a little mysterious, there’s something about him that just makes me want him more and more!  I’d love to ride on a big green tractor with him…

Blake Shelton, #3

Oh, Blake, where have you been all my life?  This 6′ 5″ man is the whole package!  He’s funny, sensitive, charming, sarcastic, hard-working, sexy, and confidant!  He doesn’t hide anything, and that’s one of my favorite things about him, (he’s been known to tweet while he’s drunk).  This past May, he married the beautiful Miranda Lambert.  With songs like Some Beach, Nobody But Me, All About Tonight, and Honey Bee, it’s hard to not love anything he sings.  I love Blake because he’s true to himself, his fans, and more than anything, it’s obvious that he’s madly in love with his wife.  What could be more sexier?

Tim McGraw, #2

Women, don’t we wish we were as lucky as Faith Hill is to be married to this man?  Tim McGraw has only grown sexier with age.  Am I right?  From the moment I heard the song Don’t Take The Girl, I knew there was something special about him.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him in concert twice, and each time I fell more in love with him.  What’s not to love about this fun-loving, sweet, and talented singer?  I Like It, I Love It, Please Remember Me, and The Cowboy In Me are classic Tim McGraw songs.  He is truly a classic in the country music world!

George Strait, #1

King George is how most country music fans refer to my #1 man!  From his first number one hit, Fool Hearted Memory, to his most recent number one hit, Here For A Good Time (his 58th #1 hit), George Strait’s music hasn’t changed a bit.  He’s true to his roots, and that’s just one thing that his fans love most!  I loved watching him in Pure Country, where he introduced us all to one of his beloved songs, I Cross My Heart.  Along with some of my favorites, Drinkin’ Champagne, I Can Still Make Cheyenne, Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind, You Look So Good In Love, If I Know Me, and I’d Like To Have That One Back, these are songs that will stick with me forever.  I met him once at a concert, and he was one of the nicest man I’ve ever met, not to mention attractive!  He is a true cowboy who wears his Wranglers very well!

Now tell me, who is your favorite cowboy?

I hope y’all have a very Happy Friday!

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