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Slim To None

Book Review for “Slim To None”

“Slim To None,” by Jenny Gardiner

When the New York Post’s highly acclaimed and overweight food critic Abby(ie) loses her job for being found out on the cover of Page Six, she’s advised to drop (A LOT OF) weight to reclaim her job.  How is she supposed to do that if food is all she knows, even stemming back to her childhood?  Through Abby(ie)’s journey of losing weight, **POSSIBLE SPOILER** almost losing her husband, and finding out that she has a half-sister **END POSSIBLE SPOILER**, her self-esteem begins to grow, and she begins to be satisfied with herself, finally seeing that she’s the woman that everyone else does.

I was excited about starting this book because I had heard so much about it, and the title intrigued me.  During the 7 days of reading…err, I mean struggling with this book, I finished it.  I wanted to like this book, I really did, but I can’t lie – I didn’t!  The constant self-ridiculing, the constant mention that she’s fat, and the constant immaturity from Abby(ie), I was sick of the book the first chapter.  While at first I thought the recipes in the book were a cute touch, it took away from the book, and made me not focus as much on the story.  We know Abby(ie) was a married woman, and had a great friend, we hardly ever saw them.  (As for the friend who we meet in the first chapter, they get into a big fight, of course Abby(ie) caused it, the reader doesn’t even get a chance to get to know the friend, so there was no really point for the fight).  The relationship that Abby(ie) has with her husband definitely doesn’t seem like a marriage, it’s more like they are roommates.  They are mean to each other – I don’t care if she’s fat and he’s not, or whatever, but I’d like for the marriage to be the stable thing in the book – it was anything but!  In the end when her husband does come back into the picture, it happened so randomly, that I was uninterested.

I read the Kindle version of this book and there were several mistakes – grammar, Abby’s(ie’s) name was spelled differently throughout, and I found that there were a lot of very unnecessary sentences.

Overall, this was one the few books that I would never recommend to anyone, even if I think that they might relate more to it, this book is not worth reading.

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

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