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150 Pounds

Book review for “150 Pounds”

“150 Pounds,” by Kate Rockland

Weight is one of the most controversial topics to write about, which can be a turnoff to some readers.  However, the storyline and intriguing cover piqued my interest, which is why I accepted the book for review.  Once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop – from the first page to the last.

Meet Alexis Albright, who is a calorie counter addict, and blog owner of Skinny Chick!  Her mission in life is to be skinny, and doesn’t understand why some fat people are content in their own skin.

Meet fun-loving blog owner of Fat and Fabulous, Shoshana Weiner, who is complete opposite.  She’s a fat woman who eats whatever she wants, who’s confortable in her own skin, and encourages others to the same.

When these two women meet one another on Oprah, both sharing their viewpoints, both are disgusted with what the other has to say.  While it’s clear that these two have very different ways of thinking about weight, it takes going through unexpected and powerful events that happen in each of their lives to finally understand where the other is coming from.

Kate Rockland has written what I think is the most real and heartwarming book about weight.  It’s the first book I’ve read about weight where the reader doesn’t feel judged, no matter what her size is.  Both Alexis and Shoshana’s characters made me laugh out loud!  I loved how Alexis’ character transformed into another person by the end – though, I loved her personality throughout.  Shoshana’s love for herself made me adore her!  She is the true example of why every woman should love herself at any weight!

150 Pounds is definitely a “worth the weight” kind of book.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars!

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