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The Background of Fonts

In one of my husband’s Bathroom Reader books (THIS one in particular) it talked about the background of fonts.

I admit that when I was younger, I played with fonts like crazy and made banners with my printer (the ones where you had to have the paper with the holes), and I felt cool.  I was doing something fun–especially when a birthday would come around!  I was your “banner” girl!  Fonts added attention to what was written, and when you added color to them, they added more to the text.

As writers we all know that when we submit our work into publishers they are stern about their certain requirements.  Am I right?  So, say that we get our book published and our name is thrown across the books.  That font is different from the text in your book (excluding chapter introductions and other text by the author, mostly said in character form), but why is this?  This leads me to fonts on book covers.

To many (okay, a lot), book covers are the sole reason they buy the book.  The coined phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t exist anymore, and font has a lot to do with that.  In one of my blog posts last year, HERE is another example of how it catches someone’s eye.  Isn’t my brother’s POV right?  If it’s in the Chick Lit Genre, then it’s most likely that the font colors are big and bright, but not only that, so is the background.

Now, onto another font topic.  I think it’s funny when people write emails in certain types of fonts.  Don’t you?  I know some who write their entire email in hard to read text, I know some who use color and script (for example) as their signature, and then I know some who are like my husband who uses a simple and easy to read font throughout his email (including in his signature).

Yes, I do know that there is a difference between fonts on covers and in books, and in emails, but fonts and text is a funny thing…

We see all different fonts, slogans, and texts all day long, so don’t you agree with me that there is something special about fonts?  I certainly do!

Anyway, I’d like to share some information about fonts HERE!

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