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It’s Fun Friday

While writing your ROMANCE or CHICK LIT novels, haven’t you ever daydreamed that you’re the Heroine and your boyfriend or husband is your Hero in your book?   Have you played the part in your own sex fantasy, only to wish you could have him right at that moment, but it’s the middle of the day and he’s at work?  (I have this fantasy often when I’m writing, and find it very helpful during a sex scene!)

Well, if you’re too shy to write you and your SO (significant other) into your book, I have just the right thing for you.  For Christmas I got my husband our own romance/erotic novel, “Safari Nights,” thanks to a website called UStarNovels!  If you go to this website, you can create your own books from the following categories: Romance, Classics, or Vampire.  All you have to do is fill out questions that the website will ask you each about, and then you’re done!  (If you got this as a gift, all you have to do is register it and it’ll be free).  It’s that easy!  My husband and I haven’t filled out the answers yet, but I’m hoping to sit him down and answer them this weekend.

This can be a wonderful gift, whether it’s given for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Anniversaries, Bachelorette parties, or just because, it’s a fun way to bring something new and spicy to your relationship!

I hope you and your SO have a sizzlin’ weekend!  Happy Friday!

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