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Why Letting Your Friends Read Your Work Is A Good Thing!

When I started taking classes at Gotham Writers’ Workshop I was a little worried about sharing my work with my fellow classmates, but I quickly overcame those nerves and insecurities and learned to listen to what they had to say.  Whether their critique were comments about my storyline, helping me keep a better timeline of events, or anything else, I welcomed their opinions.

I recently gave my second book, The Right Design, to a close friend to read.  I was a little worried about doing so, not because of what I thought he might think, but because it was my baby, my NaNoWriMo baby.  I still haven’t let go of the storyline, nor have I gone a day without thinking about my beloved characters.  Come to find out, my friend really enjoyed the story.  He helped me see where I needed some help and what parts he liked.  This helped me so much, and I’m beginning to take notes for the 2nd draft – yea!

Many writers are like me, afraid to share their work, but trust me, you’ll want to show you work to friends because it might help you in the long run.  It’s also okay to learn to take criticism.  Writers need it because it’s the only way that our writing gets better.

Have you ever showed a friend your MS?  If so, what was your experience in doing so?  Were you happy you did it?  I’d love to hear all about it.  (You can even vent if you want to!)

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