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Sexy Thursday: Reading Erotica

This blog post is a follow-up to one I wrote awhile back,

Adding A little “Hump” To Your Wednesday.

"Come, I'll show you the way..."

What turns you on?  Is it a love scene on you favorite soap opera or movie?  Is it the scent of your boyfriend or husband’s cologne?  Is it the kiss you got from your partner before they left for work – the one you can’t stop thinking about?  (Come on, I know  there’s some of you who are still hung up on that kiss).  Or are you a busy mom and/or career woman and it’s THIS that seems to be the only thing that can get you to take off those granny panties and spanx?

I recently came across THIS article.  It got me thinking how some women are ashamed to read these “trashy” novels, and need the “okay” to venture out of their June Cleaver minds.  Well, there’s nothing trashy about them.  For example, these novels by MEGAN HART aren’t only erotic, but the story-lines seem so real, that they seem more believable – the career mom, the desperate housewife…you name it, and you got it.  I think that’s the difference — “trashy equals fake” and “erotica equals real.”

Go ahead, go get yourself an erotica and enjoy it.  Your boyfriend/husband might even be surprised by your behavior when he enters the door after a hard day at work.  Go ahead, surprise him…you might even surprise yourself too!

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