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Favorable Conditions

Book review for “Favorable Conditions”

“Favorable Conditions” by Kathleen Kole

She had plans, but things changed.  When divorcee Pat Keegan’s second child goes away to college, she didn’t intend on being alone.  In her perfect life, she’d be embarking on a new journey with her husband.  Instead forty-five year old Pat finds herself living alone in a quiet home all alone.  After a night of letting loose, the next day Pat starts her new journey as a bookstore owner.  She also begins to date Ian, a much younger man who she “runs” into while out for a run.  Many things happen in Pat’s new life – her daughter gets engaged, a younger woman intimidates her, and her relationship is interrupted when her ex-husband shows up, but through it all Pat manages to embrace it, and make the most of her new life.

From start to finish this book was delightfully charming and sweet.  Kathleen Kole has written a book that many can relate to – single mom, new career, and a younger hunk!  While I’m a married woman in my early thirties and have no children, I felt that I could relate to Pat on some levels.  This book was very enjoyable, even funny – especially when Pat dances alone in her home to a blaring Bob Seger.  I was cracking up as she tried to imitate Tom Cruise in Risky Business!

Kathleen has a knack for writing strong-willed characters, such as Pat Keegan.  I found refreshing that the female main character was confidant in herself, and didn’t harp on anything over too much time.  Pat’s love interest, Ian, seemed to be sweet and understanding man, especially when it came to Pat’s worries about their age differences and her children.  These two characters are a match made in heaven.  Some might even say that the conditions for these two are favorable…

After reading this book, I can’t wait to read it again…when I’m in my forties, fifties, and sixties!  Every woman who is in her mid-life should read this book.

I give this book 4 ½ out of 5 stars.

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