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George Strait Songs That Have Inspired My Next Book

HERE is just a  little part of why I love King George!

While I might live in the city, deep down I’m a country girl and am proud of it!  I’ve never written a complete MS based upon a country girl, so this is a fun challenge.

About fifteen months ago, George’s song, Somewhere Down In Texas, came on and it sparked something my imagination for a book that was based on the song.  Cool, I got this, I thought, but as time has gone by, I find myself using more songs by George, to help create certain scenes in the book.

In alphabetical, but in no particular order for the book, here is the long list of songs I find myself listening to over and over in my head.

Thanks, George, for helping me create my first country girl Chick Lit book:

Amarillo By Morning

Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye

Cowboys Like Us

Don’t Tell Me You’re Not In Love

I Ain’t Her Cowboy Anymore

I’d Like To Have That One Back

If I Know Me

Oh, What A Perfect Day

She’ll Leave You With A Smile


The Man In Love With You

Today My World Slipped Away

What’s Going On In Your World

When Did You Stop Loving Me

You’re Something Special To Me

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