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Book Review for “Cancelled”“Cancelled,” by Elizabeth Ann West

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Meet robotics engineer, Johnathan Michaels.  For three years, Alexis Rodriguez, a coworker and friend have worked side-by-side.  Over time, their friendship has grown, so much that she spends the night on New Year’s Eve with him-leaving him weak in the knees.  It’s clear to the naked eye that Johnathan’s taken a linking to Alexis.  He then begins to try to convince her that they would be good together, as they grow closer and closer each day.  Back at work while they are preoccupied trying to save a very important contract, a woman who identifies herself as Kellie-the woman he had a one-night stand with only weeks before-comes to return his shirt from that night, and then she drops a bomb on him.  She’s pregnant, and he’s the father!  Johnathan decides against telling anything of the sorts to Alexis, who becomes his fiancée soon after he learns of his impending fatherhood.

It’s clear that he’s now in a pickle, so what’s this man to do?


While I would usually continue telling you more about the book, since it’s the first book in a series, I don’t want to spoil anything for you, (though it’s killing me to not know what happens next).  However, I will tell you that the ending wasn’t what I expected!

Sounds like a good read, huh?  I think so too!  I’ll be honest, when I heard that “Cancelled” was written from a male’s POV, I was very curious!  The next thing that had me intrigued was the title.  The word “cancelled” can only mean one thing, right?  (Come on and admit it.  You immediately think of weddings too, right?)  It’s easy to say that this book lived it to its expectations!

As for Johnathan, I liked him quite a bit in the beginning, but at times, he either seemed too nice or too wishy-washy, but in the end, I understood why he acted how he did.  I wish he could’ve been more of a man to tell Alexis the truth from the beginning, especially since they were such good friends, but as the book progressed, Alexis had her own faults.  I admired Johnathan’s character for picking up the slack where his immediate family left off (excluding his step-mother…I loved Anna!), which said a lot for the kind of man he was.  I found it to be a refreshing side in a man!  (Readers, I advise you on not giving up on this Hero).

I liked Alexis, as she seemed poised, sophisticated, and direct, I couldn’t really relate to her, then I remind myself that it’s not about the female’s POV, and continued on – but that didn’t stop me from wanting more dialogue, just so that I could understand her a little better.  I felt sorry for Alexis when Johnathan chose to keep the secret about Kellie’s pregnancy.

While the book focused a lot on their relationship, I never felt any real chemistry between Johnathan and Alexis-not even as friends-but since this is the first book, maybe it’s supposed to be that way.

There is quite a bit of technical word usage when it comes to Johnathan’s at work, and most I didn’t understand, but considering what he does, it made sense.  I just wish there hadn’t been so much, because I thought I took away from the main point of this book.  As for writing in a male POV, I think that Elizabeth Ann West wrote as accurate as we ladies think that a man would think!  It was an interesting read, with twists that kept me hooked, and left me with questions, so I’ll definitely be picking up the next read about Johnathan!

I give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars!

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