Be Your Own Writer


We all have favorite authors.  Often times it’s because of them that we want to become a writer.  It’ll go something like this: “Hey, I can write that book,” or “It can’t be that difficult?”  You then sit yourself in front of your computer and start writing.  You are ready to s tart living life-like Emily Giffin and Danielle Steel-your life will never the be same.  Your book will be the next #1 Bestseller, (move over Emily and Danielle)!

Please get your head out of the clouds.  While you might want to write like your favorite author, you never will! AND THAT’S OKAY!  You have you own voice, you have you own style, and you can write your own book, using your own ideas!

You have the power to create something wonderful – that is, if you try!  Don’t compare yourself to those you envy.  Instead, learn to appreciate what they do, and admire them for who they are.  They have their story about their journey, now you get to create yours.  And while it might seem easy to write like them, or to create your version of their book, it isn’t fun, nor what real writer does.  Give yourself credit and learn to come up with ideas-they are everywhere you turn, so learn to listen, look, and learn about each and every surrounding you’re in.  I bet you’ll have a storyline in mind before you know it!  (You’ll also be very proud of yourself for this!)

To end today’s post, I’m leaving you with a quote.  Not only can it be used for writing, but it’s easy to see how this can relate to any aspect of life.