It’s A Sexy Wednesday


Athletes, cowboys, and James Bond all have something in common.  They are sexy, and I love them all (especially in my daydreams…wait, make that fantasies).  Put a suit on a man-any man-and his look can change 100%!

Men in suits are my weakness.  To be more specific, it’s a man who’s wearing black  and/or grey dress pants, a white dress shirt unbuttoned (it must be unbuttoned), and a black and/or grey dress coat.  This is my “ideal man.”  (It’s funny, because as I write this, I’m watching Person of Interest, and the main guy, Mr. Reese, is dressed as my “ideal man”).

Here are my Top 5 guys who are dressed to perfection:

George Clooney

Bradley Cooper

Pierce Brosnan

Jim Caviezel

Gerard Butler

Have a sexy Wednesday!